Different types of windows

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Windows are an essential part of any building. Without any windows, there would be no natural light or fresh air in the property. We, humans, have been creative and created different kinds of windows that complete the construction of a building. The windows also help define the proper style of your house, therefore make sure you put in windows that compliment the essence of your residence. Here is a list of the different kinds of windows that exist in millions of houses.  Any window company Cincinnati OH will provide you with all kinds of windows that you need. All you need to do is browse through the wide range of options and select the one of your desire.

Single hung window

A single hung window is one where the bottom window panel moves up and down, and the upper pane remains permanently glued.

single hung window

Double hung windows

Double hung windows are very alike to single hung windows, but the upper and the lower panes, both move up and down.

Awning windows

Awning windows are very ideal for climates with a lot of rainfall, because the window opens outwards and creates a sort of water-resistant awning when opened.

Arched windows

Arched windows have a sort of rounded top that adds an architectural essence to a home. Most of these windows do not open; therefore they are installed above some standard windows that can provide some ventilation. Very rarely does an arched window, open.

Bay windows

Bay windows protrude from the outside wall, so it creates a small shelf in the house. Bay windows usually rely on flat windows. Most of the time, 3 glass panes are used.

Casement windows

Casement windows swing inside or outside when opened. This would allow the window to be constructed from solid glass and offers a non-obstructed view.

Egress windows

Bow windows

Bow windows usually rely on some curved glass to make them a possibility. This creates a semi-circular area along the side of the wall. The inside part of the house can be made in a seating area. This style is more expensive but similar to the bay window type.

Egress windows

Egress windows are mainly designed for the safety of the home, more than visibility or anything else. These windows normally provide an escape solution when there is an emergency, like a fire. Egress windows are usually installed in the basements of houses.

Glass block windows

Glass block windows are often used to add some light flow to your rooms. They are translucent or frosted, so this provides light and privacy. Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and other private spaces.

Garden windows

Garden windows can be construed as mini bay windows and are only meant to showcase plants and other green life. They have earned such a name because they are like small greenhouses that protrude to the outside of your home.

Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows are a very unique type of windows and look spectacular. Many slats of metal and glass are used in the process. They work like blinds when closed and like slits when opened.…

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