We live in a world we have a lot of options to choose, and it is not surprising when we say the decking options have grown exponentially over the years. Due to the combustion if decking options, wood is not the only type of option available when it comes to wood. If you are looking to install or repair your deck, we have the five most common materials that will make a good modern deck.

Pressure treated lumber

Pressure treated timber is the most popular type of decking material used due to its affordability and durability. The pressure treated lumber is especially chemically treated to resist fungus and bugs. Pressure treated lumber is known to crack when it and routine maintenance is required to prolong the application of stain. These pressure treated lumber are safe and less toxic. To improve the look of your deck look try the best deck stain and sealer 2019 to ensure the deck quality is maintained.

Redwood and cedar

Redwood and cedar are the most prized form of wood, which is special when it comes to its color and beauty. They are naturally resistant to rot, decay and bugs due to their tannins and oils. Due to its natural resistance to decay, these are most sought after wood, especially when it comes to purists. These wood, although the best is not the best water repellant, it is recommended that to help reduce the fine splits a clear water-repellent preservative is needed.

Tropical hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods such as Massaranduba, cumaru, tigerwood, mahogany are all some of the best options for decking. The wood of these trees is extremely hard and durable. The wood is dense, making it naturally resistant to rot and insects. Due to its heavy and dense wood, it is extremely difficult to drill into without the help of pilot hole, which then are clipped using the help of screws.


Composite is also a very well appreciated decking material; they are made of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, which comes in a variety of colors. The board is extremely resistant to weather and stain and will not rot or accept bugs. These kinds of decking is low maintenance and if taken care of the deck in a proper manner, they can resist mold even though they are made of plastic, a part of the deck is still wood.


Aluminum decks are extremely resistant as they do not rot, rust, warp or splinter. They are weather resistant and slip resistant and the deck board is powder coated to ensure the deck last forever without any issue. Aluminum deck cannot catch fire or bugs and does not get brittle during the cold weather and are recyclable. Aluminum decks keep the cooler even during the sun because of its heat dissipation properties.…

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